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Swimwear: Spot on!

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So about now we’re probably all looking forward to summer. So on the theme of yesterdays big sun hat, here is a selection of spot (and a few dots) swimwear (or “beachwear” as it seems to be more associated) to make you look forward to summer.

I don’t think I could possibly force this body in a bikini on to anyone’s poor eyes. But never-the-less this one is very cute, and I do like the little bows that sit on the hip. They have to be brought separately from New Look, but I think that’s advantageous to those of us who are not the same size on top as bottoms, right?

Bikini’s not your thing? How about this retro shaped one piece in the same print?

It has a low-cut back with one clasped strap across the back, so still perfect for the beach without bearing your mid-rift. It’s something that I can really see myself wearing.


I don’t know if I like this one more than the last. It has a slightly higher cut at the leg and lower at the cleavage area. But I really like the pattern (well it’s spots, duh!). I mean the black and white with smaller print on the frill.

White with black, very summery.

Lastly! I love this one from Tesco. Only trouble to me is, it does look a bit more like underwear. But I guess in person it would look better.  The little buttons are really purdy. (It also comes in pink)

So which do you like best?  Click through the images to have a closer inspection.


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