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Polka Dot Clutch Bag

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Sorry to break the silence. I know it’s been quiet for a bit, you’re missing your fix arn’t you? Ok here you go, New Look have added some new polka dot clutch bags. In black and coral with a cute little bow on the front.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a clutch bag fan. Mostly because they just don’t fit enough in. But, I do like like these.


Tesco give me more dresses.

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I posted some lovely dresses on my other blog before this one was invented. Anyway, Tesco have given me ( I say “me” like it was only for me, but obviously it was for you too, yeah?) some more purdy dresses.

A 50’s style tea dress with peter pan colar. You know what I love most about this dress? It’s £18. Even before being on sale it’s an unmistakeable  timeless bargain. Obviously the price isn’t the only good thing, it’s polka dot print is the better factor. Perfect summer dress with ballerina flats I’m thinking.

Click Through the images to view.

Shoe Lust: Kurt Geiger Brooke Courts

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Lets just take a moment to stare at these…

Ok. I’m done (for now), you? Shall I continue? Excellent.

These are just beautiful. (Need I really say anymore?) Quite frankly, I don’t think I could do anything other than stare at these on my feet. At £180, I think that is all I will be doing, but online in photo form, sad face.

Click through the image to view them in all their glory. I strongly advise it.

Spotty Stripey Tunic Fest!

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New Look are offering us some spots, stripes and polka dots in their tunic collection. Oh, how they treat us! I do love New Look at the minute, they are offering some prize print items.

I think my favourite of this lot it the white and black spot with the little bow belt.  What about you?

Click through the image to get a better look.

Little Bow Shoes

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Anybody who reads my other blog will know I like shoes. In fact I’m challenging myself with my shoes. However, how about these little cuties? Would you believe me if I told you they were from M&S? Well, they are, and they’re only £29.50.

They’re pretty gorgeous. The little plastic bow on front just seals the deal for me. Cute, without being too high or impractical. After all it’s M&S, they would make them to be comfy. Would they not?

Click through the image to see a bigger version or watch the little video.

“Dot Martens” Boots.

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See what I did there? Clever me. I always wanted purple Doc Martens boots when I was a teenager. Now look, they’ve given me polka dot ones too! Exciting, much?

Oh and about the me wanting purple ones? Yeah they come in purple dots too!

However, even with my love of purple, I think that I prefer the black and white version. They’re more “Poppy” and eye-catching. That’s not to say I don’t like the purple ones, I do, I just feel the black and white ones would get you noticed. All though saying all that, at £75.00, it’s all just fantasy!

What do you think? Click through the image to Schuh to look further.

Bonus! 2 in 1 corsage!

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How about Dots AND stripes? Two in one corsage with a cute little pearly centre. Could really add to a plain jacket or dress for a special occasion or night out.

Click through the image to see it at Dorothy Perkins, £7.00.

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