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ASOS Stripe Shirt Dress

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So, I’ve just been perusing ASOS, as you do, and I have come across this shirt/dress. It’s got me a little confused. On first inspection I was a bit “What the deuce?“, Then I quite like the cut but then started thinking again “But, WHY?!”

Now, I’m going to reserve judgement by saying I don’t hate it… You?


Black & White Stripe Prairie Dress

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So it’s about time I graced you with something, and yes it is a dress. I know, I’m thinking that maybe I should just change the name of this blog to “Dresses with Dots, Spots and Stripes”, but, obviously, that would limit me  a little.

I give you this offering from Matalan. It’s not my favourite place to shop, but they sent me a 25% off voucher in the mail, so I thought it was worth gander. There was also some cute spotty shorts there too, but with only one size left it seemed a bit cruel (and disappointing for me) to feature them.

This is a really nice summer dress, casual but pretty. Add a belt and it would look fab and I’m thinking big chunky wedges.

Click through the image to see some more.

Topshop Red Stripe Suntop

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I’m guessing our little flurry of “summer” will happen again sometime in the future. When that time does arrive, (or you get away to warmer climes) how about this nice Stripe suntop from Topshop? Perfect with mostly everything, and perfect for hiding tums.

As beautiful as it is to me, I don’t think the bust on this would accommodate me very well, damn me and my big chest!

Click through the image to view more.

Nautical Skirt with rope: Not so good

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Yeah, I know. This skirt, it’s a bit… over the top with the rope isn’t it? It’s like they were intentionally trying to make it look like a sack that was actually discovered on a ship; or, you know, sails. (That last one might be more likely.)

The other reason I think this skirt is hideous, and please remember my last offering from Boohoo, the mis-matched stripe pattern. I really don’t think it’s that hard  to match a pattern correctly? huh? #

Tell me, do you like this?

Yes, Another Stripe Dress…

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Cowl Neck Stripe Dress

I’m sorry, I know I keep posting dresses. They keep offering them and they’re always beautiful – I cannot resist. So, will you forgive me? Can we still be friends? Ok then, I’ll continue.

This one is more casual. Red and white stripes, a particular weakness of mine. The bias cut is really quite appetising and the buttons, to me, add utter cuteness.  Plus, it’s only £25.00 from Topshop online right now.

Click through the image to view more.

Shoe Lust: Office Menna Bow Sandals

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Now these, ooooh. Printed stripe canvas uppers, layered wooden platforms, topped off with two knot bows. I know I keep saying this, mainly because I am now longing for it, but these would be perfect for summer. They come in two colours, the green and blue above and the coral and I think its orange below.

Now if only they weren’t £80.00 and the probabilty of me being able to comfortably walk in these being slim. I would really want these. Who am I kidding, I still really want them.

Stripey Supergirl, yes please!

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To go with my other Superman/Supergirl items and my current obsession with them. I have found some, not only stripey, but also Supergirl PJs. Oh yeah, gotta love me some Supergirl PJs. If only they weren’t quite so expensive, (£16 to me is expensive for PJs) I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them. (I also have an abundance of PJs, my draw is brimming.)

Ok, normal pretties will resume now. I’ll just blur outta here….

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