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ASOS Stripe Shirt Dress

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So, I’ve just been perusing ASOS, as you do, and I have come across this shirt/dress. It’s got me a little confused. On first inspection I was a bit “What the deuce?“, Then I quite like the cut but then started thinking again “But, WHY?!”

Now, I’m going to reserve judgement by saying I don’t hate it… You?


Black & White Stripe Prairie Dress

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So it’s about time I graced you with something, and yes it is a dress. I know, I’m thinking that maybe I should just change the name of this blog to “Dresses with Dots, Spots and Stripes”, but, obviously, that would limit me  a little.

I give you this offering from Matalan. It’s not my favourite place to shop, but they sent me a 25% off voucher in the mail, so I thought it was worth gander. There was also some cute spotty shorts there too, but with only one size left it seemed a bit cruel (and disappointing for me) to feature them.

This is a really nice summer dress, casual but pretty. Add a belt and it would look fab and I’m thinking big chunky wedges.

Click through the image to see some more.

Shoe Lust: Red or Dead Ginger

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I found these delightful Mary-Jane style platforms on the schuh Iphone app last night. I knew exactly what I had to do with the information. Show you.

I like these. Why wouldn’t I? The spots are the icing on the cake for these shoes. Chunky heels, mary-jane style and platforms. Ooooh, yeah.

At £75, they’re a tad bit of an indulgence. But just look at them, they’re purrrrdy.

Click through the image to see more them.

A Side note:

*** As a Shoe Challengette, I feel it is my duty to make sure you are aware of the situation at, beware of imposters folks. Amber is the one and only Shoeperwoman round here! Don’t get drawn into the imposter’s ugly shoe haven.  No one likes a copy cat. Don’t let her steal Amber’s hard work and livelihood.

Nautical Skirt with rope: Not so good

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Yeah, I know. This skirt, it’s a bit… over the top with the rope isn’t it? It’s like they were intentionally trying to make it look like a sack that was actually discovered on a ship; or, you know, sails. (That last one might be more likely.)

The other reason I think this skirt is hideous, and please remember my last offering from Boohoo, the mis-matched stripe pattern. I really don’t think it’s that hard  to match a pattern correctly? huh? #

Tell me, do you like this?

Spotty Stripey Tunic Fest!

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New Look are offering us some spots, stripes and polka dots in their tunic collection. Oh, how they treat us! I do love New Look at the minute, they are offering some prize print items.

I think my favourite of this lot it the white and black spot with the little bow belt.  What about you?

Click through the image to get a better look.

Sun hat: Just bigger.

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This oversized sun hat from New Look, is… well, rather big. So if you’re short of a sun hat this summer, providing that we do in fact get one, why not wear this beauty?

Despite my slight mocking tone, I do actually quite like it. I think it’s practical but different and will definitely get you noticed. I personally would only wear it on really sunny days, which means it’s perhaps pointless to buy, it is after all a sun hat.


“Dot Martens” Boots.

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See what I did there? Clever me. I always wanted purple Doc Martens boots when I was a teenager. Now look, they’ve given me polka dot ones too! Exciting, much?

Oh and about the me wanting purple ones? Yeah they come in purple dots too!

However, even with my love of purple, I think that I prefer the black and white version. They’re more “Poppy” and eye-catching. That’s not to say I don’t like the purple ones, I do, I just feel the black and white ones would get you noticed. All though saying all that, at £75.00, it’s all just fantasy!

What do you think? Click through the image to Schuh to look further.

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