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Nautical Skirt with rope: Not so good

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Yeah, I know. This skirt, it’s a bit… over the top with the rope isn’t it? It’s like they were intentionally trying to make it look like a sack that was actually discovered on a ship; or, you know, sails. (That last one might be more likely.)

The other reason I think this skirt is hideous, and please remember my last offering from Boohoo, the mis-matched stripe pattern. I really don’t think it’s that hard  to match a pattern correctly? huh? #

Tell me, do you like this?


I’m a sucker for a striped blazer.

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It’s a bit short for my liking, it being cropped and all. But I do love it’s shape and style. Could totally make a plain outfit pop; I envision raffia wedges, skinny jeans and this jacket would be quite perfect.

Blue (possibly navy) and white vertical stripes make this awesome in my books. You?

Oh and hooray for H&M finally being on-line and selling things!

More summer stuff: Nautical Stripe Beach Bag

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I just keep throwing these summery things at you, don’t I? I’m a big fan of a nautical theme, well it’s pretty much blue and white stripes with some rope and the occasional anchor.

What could be more perfect for the beach than a nautical themed bag? This one is from Matalan for £6, click-through the image to view.

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