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Can’t beat a good spotty teapot

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I love a good cup of tea. I have a stripey teapot, which is awesome, but I feel it could use a friend. This one is from Next, who right now have a very lovely selection of spots and stripes in their home-ware, I urge you to have a look. This one could be a spotty candidate.

Now my question to this teapot, are you a good pourer? You may look pretty, but if you’re a dribbler you are no good for my tea needs. I don’t want to be wasting tea everywhere.

Here’s some more of the beautiful sets from Next. Think my kitchen is in need of an overhaul now, and tea party with cake.

Click through the images to view some more.


Skinny, but Spotty.

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Skinny jeans that I actually want? Oh yeah. It’s very rare that I crave skinny jeans. I prefer my jeans with some flare. But these? How can I resist Spot print jeans, albeit skinny ones?  I think they’re grey with pink spots, but it doesn’t actually say on the description.

These are from ASOS and they are £35.00.

Click through the image to see them on ASOS.

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