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Shoe Lust: Office Menna Bow Sandals

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Now these, ooooh. Printed stripe canvas uppers, layered wooden platforms, topped off with two knot bows. I know I keep saying this, mainly because I am now longing for it, but these would be perfect for summer. They come in two colours, the green and blue above and the coral and I think its orange below.

Now if only they weren’t £80.00 and the probabilty of me being able to comfortably walk in these being slim. I would really want these. Who am I kidding, I still really want them.


Shoe Lust: Kurt Geiger Brooke Courts

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Lets just take a moment to stare at these…

Ok. I’m done (for now), you? Shall I continue? Excellent.

These are just beautiful. (Need I really say anymore?) Quite frankly, I don’t think I could do anything other than stare at these on my feet. At £180, I think that is all I will be doing, but online in photo form, sad face.

Click through the image to view them in all their glory. I strongly advise it.

Little Bow Shoes

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Anybody who reads my other blog will know I like shoes. In fact I’m challenging myself with my shoes. However, how about these little cuties? Would you believe me if I told you they were from M&S? Well, they are, and they’re only £29.50.

They’re pretty gorgeous. The little plastic bow on front just seals the deal for me. Cute, without being too high or impractical. After all it’s M&S, they would make them to be comfy. Would they not?

Click through the image to see a bigger version or watch the little video.

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